Adds New Bitcoin Cash Casino Sites

Best Bitcoin Casino USA 2021 Adds New Bitcoin Cash Casino Sites has recently added new casinos to its list of bitcoin cash casino sites that accept bitcoin cash deposits. You can play bitcoincash slots and online blackjack to win real bitcoin cash (BCH). is the leading  site among a sea of up-and-coming bitcoin cash gambling websites. Before now they only listed two-or-three online casinos that accept bitcoin cash. But now has just added five more online casino sites which accept bitcoincash/bch deposits.

Bitcoin Cash LogoBitcoin cash gambling casinos are expanding very quickly as BCH continues to become mainstream among the masses. shows people how to play bitcoin cash casino games by making a deposit with an online casino that accepts bitcoin cash. Playing online slot machines, video poker and roulettegames with bitcoincash is much cheaper than playing these casino games with original bitcoin. Although recently bitcoin fees have dropped drastically to new 6 month lows and BTC is regaining its momentum once again. For now it seems that both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core are here to stay.

New Bitcoin Cash Casino Sites has added these new bitcoin casinos to their roster of approved bitcoin cash casino sites.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

After forking off the original bitcoin (BTC) in the second half of 2017, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created and has grown into one of the world’s most used cryptocurrencies for sending and receiving money online. There is a prettybig debate going on between bitcoin holders and bitcoin cash believers as to which version of bitcoin can be called the real bitcoin. Bitcoincash provides users with lower fees and faster transactions which has caused many original bitcoin holders to dump their coins in favor of bitcoin cash. Roger Ver, also known as Bitcoin Jesus, is one of the most well known and respected Bitcoin advocates which is leading the move away from Bitcoin core over to Bitcoincash. Observant of its cheaper transaction costs and quick processing times many bitcoin casinos are beginning to switch to bitcoin cash casinos just like many of the original BTC holders have done. With bitcoin fees dropping to 6 month lows it remains to be seen which version will win the cryptocurrency battle.

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